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Agra is famous for tourist Attraction place "Taj Mahal". As a tourist you must visit Chaat Gali- to taste the Mouth watering dishes.

Chaat Gali, Agra Mouth Watering Dishes

Chaat Gali is located in Sadar Bazaar is the place crowded by local street food stalls and vendors as the light begins to fade. if you want to take a tour of the best of the famous street food in Agra, head to Chaat Gali. This place is thronged with plenty of street food shops.There you will find lot of street stall serving deliocious dishes that you might not have tasted. Here is the some of the famous street stall that you must visit while your are visiting to Agra . 1. Mama Chicken a.k.a. Mama Frankie, Sadar Bazar 2. Agra Chat House

Taste of street food

Food owner Speaks

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