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Find fragrance in Travel :Valley of Flower Trek-Uttarakhand

The Valley of Flowers is situated in the Nanda Devi Biosphere Reserve—a UNESCO World Heritage site, at about 14,400 feet. The Valley of Flowers is one of the very rare places where endangered animals like musk deer, bears, and blue sheep can be spotted, while the most part of the diverse species, the most famous would be the snow leopard. Along with the animals, the Valley of flowers also serves to be the home of many migratory birds in the winter season.

Different flowers bloom in different months but the peak blooming period is from mid-July to mid-August. Almost 300 species of wildflowers thrive here unhindered by humanity.

The prominent species are Brahmakamal, Blue Poppy, Cobra Lily Anemone, Geranium, and Marsh Marigold & Primula. Also, the valley of flowers has to offer much more than flowers. There are waterfalls, glaciers, towering mountains, big rivers, and quaint villages. These myriad shades of the valley will ensure that you have a most memorable trip to the mountains.

To experience all of the heartfelt beauty the valley offers, you will need to trek to the point. The valley is adjacent to the Nanda Devi National Park and you could enjoy a picturesque scenic view while trekking up the dale. Trekking to the Valley of flowers is one of the best experiences you would ever have in your life. You can take a look at pictures on the internet but the experience of seeing more than 600 species of flowers growing in a spot is not something that can be captured without an experience.

The 38km trek requires basic fitness levels and spans across four days from Govind ghat, an 11-hour drive from Rishikesh.

Once you have successfully reached the Valley of Flowers, there are many attractions nearby that you should visit. The scenic beauty that these places behold is jaw-dropping and majestic. Here are some of the must-visit spots that you should add to your itinerary and shall help you to understand the perfect

  1. Hemkund Saheb

  2. Nanda Devi

  3. Badrinath

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