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One Life to Ride

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Ajit Harisignghan

One Life  to Ride

The book is based on my motorcycle journey from Pune to Ladakh and Kargil - a travel story that takes the reader through the hot and dusty plains of India to the higher mountains of the vast Himalayan range many covered in snow even in June. You'll meet Sufi saints, fake fakirs, and homesick soldiers. You'll get stuck in an icy road river and be miraculously rescued. You'll feel the stress an average Kashmiri experiences every day. You'll see how blind and dangerous religion can be if it is only followed in rituals and illogical beliefs. You'll see how friendly and hospitable everyone is on the roads of India. You'll come away feeling exhilarated, entertained, and yes, also exhausted by the physical arduousness of the motorcycle ride.

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